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Calibration Sessions

Why spend weeks in in therapy when the majority of our clients experience the peace and freedom they are looking for in  a Wealth Calibration Session? Rapid Change Technique® is an extremely dynamic, fast and effective coaching technique, designed to uncover the root cause of your issue/s, free you from any self-destroying beliefs/patterns and imprint new positive and powerful messages into your subconscious to produce permanent life changing results. 

Wealth Calibration

Experiencing a financial rollercoaster? You seem to be able to generate wealth but money is leaving you faster than it came in. Maybe you’re on a constant yo-yo game with money and wealth?

Chances are you have non supportive limiting beliefs, stuck in your subconscious mind, stopping you from living the life you really want to live.

In a Wealth Calibration Session we will rapidly change what’s holding you back
from the success you truly deserve.

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Heart Harmony

Are you suffering from hurt and/or a broken heart from an old relationship? Maybe you think you will never meet your soul mate, or at least a decent partner, with whom you’ll thrive and prosper?

Most people never have a rich, loving, fulfilling relationship because of bad experiences in the past, negative and limiting beliefs about themselves, their possible partner, and their parents failed relationship.

Experience how the Rapid Change Technique® will erase all mental mind blocks, rapidly and pain free.

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Self Esteem

Not having enough self esteem holds us back from so many areas of our lives. Without it, it’s very hard to thrive in life and prosper in your career. You could address almost any issue and it falls back to lack of self esteem.

How would your life be if you could ask for and get more money, find your purpose in life, know how to attract and maintain a loving relationship for the rest of your life?  What if you could imprint in your subconscious mind that you are enough?

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In just one session

“In just one telephone session, Lollo helped me to let go of some of my more pesky inner limitations, and I felt nurtured, challenged, supported, and loved along the way.”





Michael Neill
Supercoach, USA

I felt like a changed person

After my first session with Lollo I felt like a changed person. I felt myself present, calm & focused more than I had ever felt before. Lollo has helped me tremendously to analyse my inner fears & limitations, release my mental blocks, and explore myself and the possibilities around me.

Simran Jindal,
Solid Q

I suddenly got booked for the whole year

“There are no short-cuts and I don’t believe that life subserve any “quick fix”, howbeit – already after three sessions with Lollo I ascertain that I suddenly have bookings, expositions and engagements for the coming two years, and this current year is now fully booked!”

Emma Karp Lundström
Artist, Emmas

In one single session I got rid of a life long trauma

Despite years of different therapies,psychotherapy, and hypnosis, a trauma of a near detah experience was stuck with me. In our first session Lollo relseased the trauma and I am, still today after 5+ years, completely free from that trauma. I don’t know how and what she did, just that I’m leaft with a calm and secure feeling of trust.  

Anette Maria Nilsson Pavlovic, Licenced Psychologist

My biggest block is gone!

Lollo has this incredible intuition to see exactly where you are blocked and is then able to clear these past experiences from your life. She helped me pin point one my biggest blockage in life and straight after it was cleared by her unique brilliance I was able to attract exactly what I was focusing on.

Guy Rowley. UK


In just one session my deep fear of flying is gone. My last flight has some turbulenses. Where I normally used to freeze, with closed eyes and hyper ventilation, I felt a slight uncomfortable feeling but NO PANIC !!!  A  completley crazy feeling..  This is worth everything to me; to no longer be limited by my fear of flying! Thank you again for whatever it is you do. It works!

Lena Nilsson, Sweden

Molander Method® - Business & Leader Evolution with A Holistic Approach


A ONE day workshop where you’re going to rid yourself free from the most hardwired limiting wealth and money beliefs that stops you from leading a rich and wealthy life.



UP Yourself with the beautiful Daily UPtimism 52 Art Card deck. Created with love and joy by Alexandria Joy (text) and Lollo Molander (art work)


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