Daily Uptimism –  52 Card Deck

Daily Uptimism – 52 Card Deck

Are you ready to live more UP? Inside the Daily Uptimisms Volume 2 you’ll find another 52 inspiring messages to help you live more UPtimistically. 

Caution, this collection of notes, quotes and jokes are filled with unicorn dust and a little potty mouth play to lift you UP when you feel down and find the JOY in life.

Created by Alexandria Joy with artwork by Lollo Liselotte Molander – these make a great addition to your daily mindfulness practice and a great gift for someone you love!

The Three Most Important Factors You Must Have In Place If You Want To Make More Money Now

The Three Most Important Factors You Must Have In Place If You Want To Make More Money Now

There is much we need to be in control of to run a business. Instead of worrying about all of it let me show you three key concepts to focus that will make a huge difference for you and your business.

You need a crystal clear message.

You need to say exactly what it is you do in your business. Evolving entrepreneurs have important messages to share with the world. What is your message? What is it that is so important for you to bring out in others?

Once you are clear about your message, you can start implementing all the tools and systems you have learned. If you’re not clear, go back and ask your clients what they get out of working with you.

You need to know who are speaking to.

Who are the people you authentically connect with? One client came to me and was frustrated because he didn’t make enough money in his business. I asked, “Who are your clients?” He told me that he had been working in the corporate world before he started his own business. I asked, “Why did you leave your job?” He answered, “To have more freedom of choice and to do what I really love.” I continued to question him, and the picture started to clear up for me.

This amazing man had left his corporate job to be able to work with people he really cared about. He had a deep desire to help people feel better and started an energy coach training course. The people he really connected with were soul searchers and people who were already on the path of living life purpose. The people he was actually talking to and asked to sign up for his services, was all in the corporate world he had left behind. When that became clear to him he was able to formulate what kind of people he really wanted to surround himself.

You must choose the right track to work on.

Your people, the people you authentically connect with, have a problem. You are the expert in helping them solve their problem. If they don’t realize that they have a problem it will be a drain for you to explain it. Or they might know about it, but don’t have the desire to solve it NOW. They must be willing to invest in solving it with their money and time.

The problem must be urgent. Many of my clients have a problem reaching out to their clients. They have a problem with marketing. How urgent is solving your marketing problems to you? Their real problem is that they want to make money – NOW! Start with what they want and show them how to use marketing to get the end results.

When you have these three key points under your belt the rest is only tactics.

Three Steps Out Of Emotional Money Ditching

Three Steps Out Of Emotional Money Ditching

Emotional Money Ditching is when your client’s money issues suddenly become yours, leaving you feeling guilty for asking money from them.

Let’s say your client is late paying you. They are explaining their problems. Despite the fact that YOU want to get paid you get so drawn into understanding THEIR problem that you focus on getting them to feel better. At the end of the conversation you find yourself without a clear payment plan.

Or you have a client that tells you how much they need you, and at the same time they explain how tight their money situation is. You want them to feel better so you work with them. At the end of the session they talk about everything that now is possible for them to achieve. Instead of feeling pure joy and delight, you feel resentful and undervalued.

These scenarios may differ, but the Emotional Money Ditching is there. You’re a victim if you feel any of the following:

  • You have to rescue someone financially.
  • Undervalued after having talked to a client.
  • You know less than your partner in a money discussion.
  • Helpless after listening to someone’s money story.
  • Guilty for charging for your services.
  • You are charging too much when someone complains about their money.

Just because someone has an unexpected or tight money situation does not make them a bad or irresponsible person – it can happen to anyone. Emotional Money Ditching is always a question of taking a healthy responsibility and setting clear boundaries. It seldom has to do with money itself.

Ask yourself the following:

  1. Whose problem is it? The first thing you have to do is to look squarely at the situation. If a client wants to work with you and cannot pay for your services it is THEIR situation and problem – not yours.
  2. Practice Compassionate Detachment – You can listen with compassion and choose not to get emotionally hooked. Keep an unbiased focus and decide what you want your outcome to be.
  3. Empower the counterpart – Often people with money issues see themselves as powerless. You never empower someone by confirming them as being victims. Look for a way to establish a clear commitment and 100% responsibility from both parties.


When faced with an Emotional Money Ditching situation, use this script to act compassionately and still create a clear outcome:

“I hear that this is a tough situation. What would you like me to do?”

Your client will most likely say “Nothing” which opens up for the next question –

“What actions are you willing to take to solve this situation as quickly as possible?”

By modeling what it looks and sounds like to be authentic, compassionate, and in your power; you help your client or friend to stand in theirs. Instead of being harsh or resentful you create a new, energetic space to step into with an opportunity for breakthrough for both of you.

Why you don’t get the money you want

Why you don’t get the money you want

You Say You Want More Money, But….

If intentions are so powerful, why don’t they always manifest into reality? What if you swear you want to make more money, your intent is sincere, your desire is strong, but as hard as you try, your pay check remain the same?

If this is the case, surely, is the reason: You get what you want, not what you ask for. The distinction is critical.

We all have numerous intentions, some we aren’t even aware of. You run into trouble when your expressed goals are at odds with your unconscious desires.

When a buried intention–say, to be comfortable–is stronger than your spoken one, for example “to be profitable” – you’ll stop yourself at every turn.

You may say, and believe, you want to make more, but that’s not the message that you’re sending to your brain. 

If you’re not getting what you say you want, for whatever reason, chances are you may not want it.  This is why the inner work is so critical.

You have to make sure that:

  • your declared intention is an authentic reflection of who you are and what you want
  • your conflicting intentions aren’t inadvertently impeding your progress
  • your intent to profit isn’t working against the beliefs you embrace.