UnWire – ReWire 

Retrain your mind ~ Rewire your brain ~ Build resilience – Increase confidence

Rapidly move past fear, anxiety and  other forms of selfsabotag that arise when leaving your comfort zone and
going for your dreams and aspirations.

Our proprietary coaching methodology is perfect for people who are

  • Purpose driven – you deeply desire to make a difference, even if you’re not clear on your purpose yet)
  • Financially stable – you have a steady income which you’ve earned, inherited and/or married.
  • Passionate about self-exploration, personal & spiritual growth.
  • Willing to courageously dive in deep, retrain your mind & literally rewire your brain.
  • Committed to shining your light to the brightest for outmost impact

Over the course of our coaching together you will 

  • Achieve goals that have seemed out of reach, even impossible
  • Breakthrough internal barriers and irrepressible resistance
  • Prosper and grow on a personal, professional and/or business level

Schedule a time to discuss with Lollo what your next best step could be.

Lollo works with passionate and dedicated people across the globe and offers sessions via phone, Skype or in person.

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