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UnWire – ReWire Your Brain For Wealth 

Retrain your mind ~ Rewire your brain ~ Build resilience – Increase confidence

In a Wealth Calibration® Session you will rapidly move past fear, anxiety and  other forms of self-sabotage that arise when leaving your comfort zone and going for your dreams and aspirations.

Here’s just a few changes that has occurred as a result of a Wealth Calibration® Session with Lollo:


I worked with Lollo a number of months ago, specifically in relation to the boom-bust cycle that so many entrepreneurs and consultants experience. I’d always had the ability to make plenty of money but it’s a talent I had balanced with an equal ability to splurge while taking it easy for a month or three. I somehow needed financial pressure to focus myself on serving others through my work.

As a result I wasn’t having nearly the impact I wanted to have. That’s when I met Lollo and had a session with her. Lollo took me to some very unexpected places and although we were connecting over Skype it had an immediate physical impact on me. I had a feeling some held beliefs were being drawn out of me, and some of those I didn’t even know I had. The session was profound and immediately a whole range of small changes began to occur leading to slew of additional insights and changes over the following months.

Three months later I am looking at the busiest year and the strongest flow of work I’ve ever had in my consulting business. Nothing has changed with my content, relationships or desire to serve others and lift global consciousness, but there’s been a significant shift in my attitude to my own success and what comes with it. That small change has had a profound impact on how I approach my life’s work and what the world is reflecting back to me. I’m so grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to work with Lollo and am delighted to make this recommendation.

Andrew Hughes

Speaker, Trainer, Coach , Andrew Hughes Training

This is what you can expect to happen when

you book a Wealth Calibration® Session


Before Your Session

Once you’ve booked your session you will be granted access to your private Wealth Calibration® web page. In order to prepare for your session, you will get a profound assessment material to work though. When your assessment is completed we’ll set you up for a private session with Lollo.

During Your Session

You will connect with Lollo on her private conefernec line. Your session lasts for 60-75 minutes and Lollo will record it so you can go back and listen again. This ensures you can relax and don’t have to take any notes during the session.

In the very first session Lollo released me from a 20 year long trauma of a near death experience that, despite years of different therapies, psychotherapy, and hypnosis, was stuck with me. 

Today I’m completely free of the trauma, I have all the memories and learning experience but none of the re-traumatizing flash-backs. I have no explanation for how Lollo helped me, only the calm and secure feeling that she left me with. 

Anette Maria Nilsson Pavlovic,

Licensed Psychologist

You won’t spend any time on chit chat; Lollo will zoom in on your specific issue right away.  She has a unique ability to quickly identify subconscious limiting beliefs and attitudes, so expect to be surprised.

Lollo will ask you a series of questions. Most likely you will feel uncomfortable at some point during the session. Just know that the profound change is performed with much love and compassion. The more you dare to let go of resistance, the better! It won’t serve you to stay within your comfort zone, so just answer with the first thought/answer that come to mind.

Your energy will shift. You might feel like shivers are going through your body, cold or thursty. It’s recommended you have an extra sweater handy, and some water to drink.  Your mood might shift as well. You may feel sudden sadness, happy feelings or anger. Just expect it, it will pass. 

Lollo has this incredible intuition to see exactly where you are blocked and is then able to clear these past experiences from your life. She helped me pin point one my biggest blockage in life and straight after it was cleared by her brilliance I was able to attract exactly what I was focusing on. / Guy Rowley. UK

“In just one session, Lollo helped me to let go of some of my more pesky inner limitations, and I felt nurtured, challenged, supported, and loved along the way.” Michael Neill, Super Coach USA

After my first session with Lollo I felt like a changed person. I felt myself present, calm & focused more than I had ever felt before. Lollo has helped me tremendously to analyse my inner fears & limitations, release my mental blocks, and explore myself and the possibilities around me. / Simran Jindal, Solid Q

After Your Session 

You will feel clear, energetic or just very tired. Lots of new thoughts might spin around or you might feel like all thoughts are gone. What ever you feel and experience, just know it’s ok.

Some people prefer to lay down for a while, go for a walk in nature or journaling. Do what feels best for you. It’s recommended to not do big partying or heavy drinking for at least 12-24 hours after the session. 

You will experience a new way of viewing what before was so taxing for you. You’ll probably won’t feel any specific emotions connected with the previous issue. You feel free. 

New questions might arise, that’s why we schedule a RE-CALIBRATION Session, in order to make sure you keep your vibration high, mind clear and mood arised.    

RE-Calibration Sesson 

Within a 7-10 days you will have a second session with Lollo. The purpose of this session is to make sure no old feelings, emotions or attitudes still linger around. We want your energy to be high, your energetic vibration be even higher, and your attraction ratio be Love or above. 

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