You Say You Want More Money, But….

If intentions are so powerful, why don’t they always manifest into reality? What if you swear you want to make more money, your intent is sincere, your desire is strong, but as hard as you try, your pay check remain the same?

If this is the case, surely, is the reason: You get what you want, not what you ask for. The distinction is critical.

We all have numerous intentions, some we aren’t even aware of. You run into trouble when your expressed goals are at odds with your unconscious desires.

When a buried intention–say, to be comfortable–is stronger than your spoken one, for example “to be profitable” – you’ll stop yourself at every turn.

You may say, and believe, you want to make more, but that’s not the message that you’re sending to your brain. 

If you’re not getting what you say you want, for whatever reason, chances are you may not want it.  This is why the inner work is so critical.

You have to make sure that:

  • your declared intention is an authentic reflection of who you are and what you want
  • your conflicting intentions aren’t inadvertently impeding your progress
  • your intent to profit isn’t working against the beliefs you embrace.